Zone 0, also known as Joas,[1] is the first area of the game that the The Player encounters and the first of the multiple Zones that exist within The Nothingness. The Batter is transported to Zone 0 from The Nothingness[2] by some unknown entity, afterwards meeting the Zone's guardian[3] in The Judge. This Zone introduces the Player to basic concepts such as movement, interaction, and basic combat.

Zone 0 is much smaller than the other Zones and devoid of all life aside from The Judge, Sugar, Valerie (formerly)[4], and later Zacharie. The reason for Zone 0's relative lack of life given the abundance of Elsen in the other Zones is unclear. Zone 0 is so enigmatic in fact, that the book entitled "Explanations", which can be found in the Bismark Library, has a chapter devoted solely to it.

Items and Interactables Edit

  • A Luck Ticket and Silver Flesh are found in chests outside the main building.
  • Various memory puzzles that are controlled through the use of yellow cubes.
  • A red save cube is found behind the main building.

Trivia Edit

  • Zone 0 is the only Zone that did not get purified by The Batter.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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  2. The red cube says "return to the nothingness" even the first time The Batter interacts with it.
  3. As hinted here.
  4. "come back with me to zone 0." -The Judge, to Japhet (as Valerie)
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