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  • I live in Serbia
  • I was born on June 0
  • I am male
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I am away from Fandom.

I will not edit or respond to messages left on my talkpage in the upcoming period.

Thank you for understanding.

I'm around here, doing administrative things, but not expanding content or doing any active maintenance.

To Do Edit

KockaAdmiralac's wikis (full list)
Name Rights Joined Status
Undertale Wiki Administrator 04/12/2015 Active
OFF Wiki Administrator 23/01/2016 Semi-active
Kocka Wiki Founder 02/02/2016 Active
Fandom Developers Wiki Administrator 07/03/2016 Active
Community Central - 14/03/2016 Active
Cave Story Wiki Administrator 13/06/2016 Active
Undertale Yellow Wiki Bureaucrat 05/12/2016 Semi-active
OneShot Wiki Bureaucrat 27/06/2017 Active
Heartbound Wiki Administrator 15/10/2017 Active
Deltarune Wiki Administrator 31/10/2018 Active
Wikia Language Brigade - 17/02/2016 Semi-active

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