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The Room is one of the locations in OFF, as well as the final location that can be visited. Considered the unnumbered fifth Zone, the existence of the characters within it are explicitly referred to in text as well as seen earlier in the game. The Batter and The Player both go through "Chapters" in descending order (counting down so that 'Chapter 0' is where the game ends), and many details about the game's plot and story are revealed in the course of going through various puzzles. In the end, the Batter defeats The Queen and Hugo before being faced with the final on/off switch of the game. Two possible endings can be attained, based on the Player's choice to either side with The Judge or the Batter. In the Room, most of the story of OFF is revealed, such as the relationship between the Queen and the Batter.

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  • Despite everything that has gone on before in the game's story-line, Zacharie appears to wish the Batter luck as well as do some trading work if asked. This may hint that the character has the ability to put himself in and out of the game at will and thus does not care if the OFF world is destroyed (either through complete purification or through simply no longer existing), which may explain why he constantly breaks the 4th wall.
  • The very ending of the game features the only time in which The Player may cease to direct the Batter, with The Judge being a possible playable character.
  • Within the game folders, The Room is referred to as "Zone 4". Other works of Mortis Ghost's regarding OFF also seem to refer to The Room as Zone 4.
    • It is also referred to as "Subterraneo" in one painting by Mortis Ghost.
    • The word subterraneo translates into Spanish as 'underground', which may give an idea of where The Room is located.
  • French version of OFF refers to The Room as "La Chambre" which literally translates to "The Bedroom". The entire significance of this is unknown though it may relate to the interpretation that the entire game is somehow taking place in the mind of a child if one were to interpret certain elements from The Room as being the child's imaginative interpretation of his own living quarters.

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