The Batter is the main protagonist of the game.



The Batter is confirmed to be non-human[1], though he appears to be a human that wears a baseball cap and baseball player attire. He consistently wears an uncaring, somewhat condescending expression. He is very straightforward about his intentions and does not seem to give his own actions much thought.

However, if the Player chooses to align with the Judge in the game's final battle, the Batter spontaneously takes on a radically different appearance. He is now seen as a large, clawed beast with a massive, sharp-toothed, crocodile-like mouth. His eyes are white, and he has large, black claws. It is confirmed by Mortis Ghost[2] that this is not a different form of the Batter, but simply a different perspective of him since at that point in the game the player would perceive him as the enemy.


He appears reticent and unfeeling, often speaking in as few words as possible. The Batter quickly gets to the point in his conversations and is determined to purify the Zones.

Observant, the Batter is very smart and can solve puzzles with ease, but allows the Player to solve them for themselves rather than deciphering it on his own. He appears to be meticulous in the way he goes about completing his mission and does not like to be held up by distractions. Why he is driven to purify the world remains vague to both the player and the people around him.


-The Batter

Being a purificatory physical incarnation, the Batter is under the control of a soul from outside the world of Off. He exists for but a single mission: to destroy the spectres that overstep the divine laws and decide to sow discord among the living.

- The Batter's section in the "others 02" image (translated), located in the "Sketches" folder on the official OFF website.

When starting the game, the Player is assigned to the Batter and told that he has a special mission to fulfill. The Batter is aware that the Player is controlling him and that he has a purpose, but is relatively uninformed about the nature of the Zones and the world he is in.

The Batter fights with different types of baseball bats and utilizes competences that are usually named after baseball terms.

He acts as the savior of the world. Embarked on a holy mission, he plans to fulfill this task with the help of his puppeteer who controls his movements.

In many ways, the Batter's relationship with the Player resembles that of a solemn Religious crusader whose every deed, action and decision is justifiable purely on behalf of his Higher Power.


Name ATK Price Effect Located
Harold Bat 5 40 Default equipment
Masashi Bat 9 120
Emmanuel Bat 12 320
Michael Bat 15 500
Yoshihiro Bat 20 200
Lewis Bat 26 1500
Katsuhiro Bat 32 2000 Attacks of the Plastic element Found in a chest in purified zone 3
Ashley Bat 21 (x2) 9000 Special attacks of the Metal and Meat elements. Attacks twice per hit, increased accuracy and 10% critical hit chance Obtained from Zacharie after finding all five elements


LVL Name Description CP Rate
1 Wide Angle Analyses the enemies' characteristics 2 100%
3 Save First Base Restores some HP 5 100%
4 Run with Courage Special attack of the element Metal. 5 100%
6 Furious Homerun Special attack with low impact. 7 80%
8 Save Second Base Restores a lot of HP 15 100%
10 Run with Grace Special attack of the element Plastic. 7 100%
13 Special Homerun Special attack with average impact. 15 80%
16 Save Third Base Restores all HP 40 100%
20 Run with Dementia Special attack of the element Smoke. 10 100%
25 Magic Homerun Special attack with considerable impact. 30 80%
30 Save Fourth Base Reanimates an ally 80 100%
35 Run with Belief Special attack of the element Meat. 15 80%
40 Save Secret Base Restores a lot of HP to the whole party 50 100%
45 Ultimate Homerun Special attack of cataclysmic impact. 118 100%


  • In some concept art, the Batter wields two Baseball bats.
  • According to the Judge, the baseball bat that the Batter wields is made of iron, it is unknown if all bats that the Batter can equip are, however (and the fact that some bats have elemental properties suggest otherwise).
  • The Batter is always referred to as "Le Batteur" in concept art. The correct way to say "the Batter" in French would be "le Frappeur" while "le Batteur" would correctly mean "the Drummer." It's possible that "the Batter" is more of an actual name rather than a title.
  • The Batter's beastly form may be hinted at in the encounter with Sugar, who makes references to a "big ducky."
  • In the Status menu the Batter's Class is listed as "Savior".
  • The Batter makes an official appearance in the platform fighting game, Indie Game Battle.
  • During the OFF anniversary stream, Mortis Ghost mentioned The Batter is a lesbian as a joke.
  • Also during the anniversary stream, Mortis Ghost mentioned the following:
    • The Batter would not dab, isn't a fun guy, but likes dad jokes.
    • He can dance, but he doesn't like to.
    • The Batter and the Queen are not married.
    • The Batter/Zacharie as a romantic pairing could potentially work in an alternate universe.
    • His sexuality is actually still up for debate, but after stating that the Bad Batter is asexual and knowing what he said about the Batter and Zacharie, it may be safe to say that he is not heterosexual.
    • He is an Aries.
    • Mortis Ghost's headcanon is that the Batter has short black hair underneath his hat, but it isn't quite canon.
    • The Batter was created the moment the game began.



  1. Hugo is human too. The Batter and the Queen are not. - 9/5/2013, DeviantArt
  2. There is no "impure" batter. There is only one batter, the only things wich changes is the vision the player have of him. Sometimes someones you likes looks sudently very different. - 7/5/2013, DeviantArt