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I'm asking you, what would the appeal of a video game in which it isn't possible to die be, eh? On his path, the Batter will encounter a large number of adversaries, each one having at their disposal specific attacks and characteristics. Purify them without any distinction whatsoever to gather new items and increase your skills. Other than that, little is known concerning the spectres, they appeared progressively, spreading fear and confusion among the inhabitants.

- The "Spectres" section in the "others 02" image (translated), located in the "Sketches" folder on the official OFF website.

Spectres are the primary enemy of OFF. They are hostile towards entities who are not also spectres, and terrorize the residents of each Zone. They come in many shapes and sizes, although they share similarities in their appearances. One of The Batter's main objectives is to eradicate the spectres from each Zone.

It is implied by The Judge that The Queen is the only one who has control over the spectres. Japhet, at one point, also insists that he can control them, although he is shown to fail. The Judge also asserts that Japhet cannot control them, despite Japhet's claims. Not only can the Queen control the Spectres, but according to a book in the library, she may even have the ability to create them and may also be the one sending out the Spectres to destroy the land that she created, however, the book ends by saying that "those rumors are nothing but speculations". A piece of evidence that supports this is the fact that Japhet (possessing Valerie's body) states that "they are my arms, sent to me by the Queen to restore justice to this zone".

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