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The artwork for OFF's official OST

OFF's original soundtrack (OST) was composed and produced by Alias Conrad Coldwood, and can be found on the Unproductive Fun Time website, or here in the higher quality .FLAC format and with more hidden tracks.

Many of the tracks on the album are difficult to classify by genre. The composer describes the album as a "sweet blend of electro hovering and rhythmic, sometimes fun and sometimes scary". Some of the songs have whispering in them as well.

A YouTube playlist of OFF's soundtrack can be found here.

The soundtrack, and other works by ACC, are not copyrighted and are free to use in videos / streams.

Track Listing[]

No. Name Description Music
1 Global The talking sound effect used by the Elsens.
2 Silencio Plays when venturing within The Nothingness. Sped up version plays in Chapter 3 of The Room. It consists solely of cryptic whispering which has yet to be translated. It is unknown where the whispers originate from but it has been implied that they come from the men who have descended into The Nothingness via purification as told by Enoch. Chapter 3 of The Room has a particular room with black, humanoid figures whispering the same words as with the whispers in The Nothingness, implying that these are the purified entities of The Nothingness.
3 Fourteen Residents Plays in the Main Menu screen. A slowed down version played in minor key, named "Fourteen(fake)Residents" in the game's files, plays during the fake Title Screen in Chapter 3 of The Room. It is the original song played at 80% speed, making it more drawn out and melancholic. OriginalSlowed down
4 Pepper Steak Starts up when battling most adversaries. The in-game version lacks both the beginning trumpet and ending (the music dying off, like a record scratching, and then turning dull and almost unlike music, with a few low tones) from the OST. In-game LoopOST Version
5 Not Safe Plays in the Zones after purification; it has an ominous feel to it. The song itself is composed of uncoordinated chiming, loud wind gusts and the whispers from "Silencio". Interestingly, there is a loud sound of banging on metal and a muffled voice shouting loudly and saying "Au secours", which is French for help. It is unknown where the voice is coming from. However, it may be deducted that it could be from whoever is banging on the metal, as it may be a call for help from the room that the metal blocks or covers.
6 Stay in Your Coma Plays on the Game Over screen after losing a battle, killing The Judge in the combat tutorial or running out of time in the residential area. "Stay in Your Coma" was sung by Coldwood himself[1]. The title and vocals may be telling the player to give up and quit playing.
7 Empty Warehouse In most areas of Zone 0. In the soundtrack, the sections played outside and inside are back-to-back. InsideOutside
8 Tender Sugar In Sugar's cellar and the battle with her. The second half of the song is not present in actual game and only appears on the official soundtrack.
9 Rainy Day (and Meat) Plays in most areas of Zone 1. In the soundtrack, the two segments of this song are connected together. The track is titled for the sounds of both rain and squelching meat. InsideOutside
10 Soft Breeze In Zone 1's smoke mines.
11 Clockwork In Zone 1's post office. The song is composed of seemingly reversed tones and the ticking of a clock or pocket watch. A slower version plays at Dedan's cottage in Chapter 4 of the Room. Slowed down
12 Flesh Maze Tango In the maze at Alma in Zone 1, leading up to Dedan's office.
13 Fake Orchestra In the battle with Dedan.
14 Desperately Safe In most exterior areas of Zone 2.
15 The Walls Are Listening In Zone 2's library. A slower version plays on Japhet's cliff in Chapter 4 of The Room. InsideRoof
16 Windows Licking In Zone 2's shopping mall.
17 A Stab of Happiness In Zone 2's amusement park, owned by Zacharie.
18 Unreasonable Behavior In the timed segment where Japhet summons ghosts to attack the Elsen in the Zone 2 residential area.
19 Minuit à Fond la Caisse In the final battle with Japhet. The title is French, meaning "Midnight at Full Speed".
20 Burned Bodies In exterior areas of Zone 3. Slower versions play in the sugar stash, on the chimney and in the sugar ovens. ChimneyOutside
21 Yesterday Was Better In the main entrance, on the monorail and in the treatment rooms of Zone 3. Slower versions play in the treatment rooms after the sugar stash and in the Critic-burnt fight. Critic Burnt
22 Some Rudiments of Propriety In Area 1 of Zone 3, the cafeteria and dormitories.
23 Magic Pipe In the Game of the Mortal/Perilous Fall in Zone 3.
24 Endless Hallway In Area 4 of Zone 3. In battles, a section that consists of industrial crashing sounds plays. A slower version plays when Enoch is stuck in a hole in Chapter 4 of The Room. Fight
25 Front Gate In Enoch's office and the first battle with him.
26 The Race of a Thousand Pounds While being chased by Enoch after fleeing from him.
27 O Rosto de um Assassino In the final battle with Enoch. The title is Portuguese, meaning "The Face of a Killer". A slowed down version just before the second battle with Enoch, when he appears in front of the monorail. Slowed Down
28 The Race of a Thousand Ants In scenes involving Hugo, after Zones 1 and 2 and in Chapter 0 of The Room.
29 Brain Plague (Rewind & Re-Reversed) In most areas of The Room. A reversed version plays in battles and a slower version plays in the entrance. RewindSlowed down rewind
30 Panic in Ballville (Level 1) In the 'Panic in Ballville' segment in Chapter 2 of The Room.
31 Panic in Ballville (Boss) In battles in 'Panic in Ballville' and the end of that segment.
32 The Meaning of His Tears In the battle with Vader Eloha and her Add-Ons.
33 Woman of Your Dreams In Vader Eloha's throne room, before and after the battle with her.
34 Avatar Beat In the final battle between The Batter and The Judge (Pablo).
35 Just Like a Bunch of Monkeys Fighting Underwater In the true (joke) ending accessed with the Aries-card. The title refers to the space apes present in that ending.

Other Tracks[]

These tracks appear in-game but not in any official soundtrack.

Name Description Music
Judy Garland - Somewhere Over the Rainbow During the credits.
Grey Pencil In the areas drawn by Hugo in Chapter 4 of The Room.
Silence In several areas of The Room.

Unused Tracks[]

There are a number of tracks that went unused in both the soundtrack and in the game, which can be found here.

Name Description Music
Hip2-2 Unused for unknown reasons.
Multitap Delay Nightmare Unused for unknown reasons.
Tense Unused for unknown reasons.
Outside Flesh Fontaine Unfinished.[2] "Fontaine" means "Fountains" in French.
Something In The Way Made for an unreleased Toad King fangame.[3]
Spool Made for an unreleased Toad King fangame.[3]


  • Pepper Steak is incorrectly labelled as "Peper Steak" in the French version of the game.
  • A lot (if not all) of the sounds sampled in Pepper Steak were sampled from another old ragtime/foxtrot-type song also named "Pepper Steak" by The Washboard Rhythm Kings.
  • "Panic in Ballville", and its boss, both have "Pepper Steak" and "Avatar Beat" leitmotifs, respectively.
  • The song title "Windows Licking" is probably a play on words in French. The French term for window shopping is "lèche-vitrine" which if literally translated would mean "window licking". Chances are that the title is a direct translation of the plural form of the word "lèche-vitrines".
  • Many of the songs have extra pieces of music in the soundtrack, which do not appear in the versions found in the game files.
  • Avatar Beat is what is considered microtonal music, which is music that uses pitch intervals smaller than semitones.


  1. Coldwood claims credit for "Stay in Your Coma" in the comment highlighted here.
  2. Listed as "Prototype_Outside Flesh Foutains" in the .FLAC version of the OST.
  3. 3.0 3.1 In the .FLAC version of the OST, Something In The Way and Spool are listed under an album titled "Le Roi Crapaud (OFF FanGam", with "Roi Crapaud" translating to "King Toad".