OFF is a French RPG game created in 2007 by Mortis Ghost and his team, Unproductive Fun Time, and translated into English in 2011. It is about a mysterious man known as The Batter, who is described being on an "important mission." The Batter then travels through four bizarre zones in the world, revealing more as the game goes on. You play as an outside entity and have been assigned to work with the Batter on his sacred mission: to purify the world of OFF. The OFF Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for all aspects of the game.

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OFF is the critically acclaimed French surreal adventure RPG made by Mortis Ghost in 2008 with RPGMaker2003.
The game was translated into English in 2011 and is considered a gem among indie adventure RPGs.
OFF is widely praised for its in-depth and complex story, its rich and immersing environment, and its memorable characters.

NOTICE: This wiki contains spoilers and solutions to puzzles. Please play the game before reading.

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