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OFF is a French RPG game created in 2008 using RPG Maker 2003, by Mortis Ghost and his team, Unproductive Fun Time. It has garnered a sizable following for its story, characters and atmosphere, particularly after its translation into English. It is about a mysterious being known as the Batter, who is described being on an "important mission". The Batter then travels through four bizarre Zones in the world, revealing more as the game goes on.

Plot Synopsis[]

You play as an outside entity and have been assigned to work with the Batter on his sacred mission: To purify the world of OFF.

Zone 0[]

Main article: Zone 0

Here, you meet the Judge who helps you learn the basics of the game.

Zone 1[]

Main article: Zone 1

You then proceed to Zone 1, where you ride the train to the smokemines. Here, you find Alpha, your first Add-On, who acompanies you on your mission and fights alongside the Batter during the purification of spectres. Going through the mines, you end up at the farmsteads and later the office building where you encounter Dedan, whom the Batter recognizes as hostile, despite being told otherwise. You go to Alma, where Dedan's main office is located, to purify him.

Zone 2[]

Main article: Zone 2

Moving on to Zone 2, you explore the library and encounter Japhet. He manages to escape before the Batter finishes purifying him, so you visit the shopping mall, amusement park, and residential area (in that order) before moving on to the roof of the library. On the roof, you finally purify Japhet.

Zone 3[]

Main article: Zone 3

Proceeding to Zone 3, you make your way around a factory. Contrary to the behavior the Elsen have shown in previous zones, they do not deem the spectres a threat. You discover the highly addictive sugar, how it is made, and its significance to the workers. You face Enoch, the director of the factory and boss of Zone 3. However, as Enoch predicted, the battle is lost, and you are forced to retreat. You face him again shortly after, this time defeating him.

The Room[]

Main article: The Room

After defeating Enoch, you gain access to the Room, which differs greatly from the environments you have discovered so far. It is a dark, shadowy and dream-like realm, in which you do not encounter enemies, with the exception of the Queen, the game's final boss. During your time in the Room, you solve various puzzles, encounter a little arcade sequence and revisit the three Zone's bosses, who appear friendly and cannot be attacked.

After defeating the Queen, you find a chamber containing nothing besides a switch. As you approach it, you are stopped by the Judge and presented with a choice: Fight alongside the Judge and abandon the Batter, or side with the Batter and turn against the Judge. Choosing the Batter and successfully defeating the Judge will allow you to flip the switch, which produces the message "The switch is now on OFF", followed by the game ending. Choosing the Judge and defeating the Batter will result in an alternative ending, showing the Judge walking through various of the now purified zones.


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