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An item is an object that can be equipped, be used for recovery, improve stats, or help solve puzzles in the world of OFF.


Item Price Description Effects
Luck ticket 40 Recovers a moderate amount of HP Restores 100 HP.
Fortune ticket 300 Recovers a large amount of HP Restores 1000 HP.
Silver flesh 180 Recovers a moderate amount of CP Restores 50 CP.
Golden flesh 500 Recovers a large amount of CP Restores 100 CP.
Joker 120 Revives a character Revives and restores 25% max HP.
Moloch’s meat 30 Cures poison Cures the Poison condition.
Belial’s meat 90 Cures all negative status alterations Cures all conditions except Death.
Abaddon’s meat 1000 Fully restores the team’s HP and CP out of combat Restores the party's HP and CP, and cures all status conditions. Unusable in battle.
Inspiration 200 Object that’s utilizable in combat. Deals 75 base damage to a single enemy, increasing with Attack and Esprit.
Expiration 1000 Object that’s utilizable in combat. Deals 400 base damage to a single enemy, increasing with Attack and Esprit.
Eye 20 Analyses the enemies’ characteristics Equivalent to using Wide Angle.



Offensive equipment for the Batter.

Bat Hit probability Critical Bonus Attack Price
Harold Bat 90 0 +5 40
Masashi Bat 90 0 +9 120
Emmanuel Bat 90 0 +12 320
Michael Bat 95 0 +15 500
Yoshihiro Bat 90 0 +20 200
Lewis Bat 90 0 +26 1500
Katsuhiro Bat 90 9 +32 2000
Ashley Bat 100 100 +21 (x2) 9000
  • The Katsuhiro Bat adds the Plastic attribute to attacks.
  • The Ashley Bat can be obtained from Zacharie after giving him the Five Grands, and is the most powerful Bat. It hits twice when attacking, ignores enemy evasion, and has the Metal, Meat, and Special attributes to attacks.
  • The game files indicate that at some point during development, the Harold Bat may have been intended to apply a status effect with 100% accuracy.


Offensive equipment for Add-Ons.

Symbol Hit Probability Attack Price
Audacious Symbol 90 +3 40
Persistent Symbol 95 +5 80
Choleric Symbol 90 +7 120
Battlesome Symbol 90 +9 160
Loyal Symbol 90 +11 250
Solid Symbol 90 +13 320
Vengeful Symbol 90 +14 420
Hidden Symbol 95 +16 510
Fast Symbol 90 +18 600
Aggressive Symbol 90 +20 680
Silent Symbol 90 +23 790
Luminous Symbol 90 +25 900
Boastful Symbol 90 +27 1010
Mysterious Symbol 95 +30 1200
Jumpy Symbol 90 +32 1500
Bleeding Symbol 90 +35 3000
Perfect Symbol 95 +40 6000
  • The Choleric, Loyal, Solid, Fast, and Boastful Symbols add the Special attribute to attacks.
  • The Hidden and Mysterious Symbols add the Metal attribute to attacks.
  • The Perfect Symbol adds the Smoke and Plastic attributes to attacks.


Defensive equipment (1).

Aura Defense Price
Aura of Justice +3 120
Aura of Fear +3 130
Aura of Perception +4 334
Aura of Greatness +10 750
Aura of Clairvoyance +18 1500
Aura of Tenacity +25 3200
Aura of Lunacy +41 4100
Aura of Power +59 5000
  • Despite their identical Defense bonuses, the Auras of Justice and Fear have different prices.


Defensive equipment (2) for the Batter.

Tunic Defense Price
Nicolas Tunic +4 100
David Tunic +6 220
Min-Woo Tunic +8 360
Canepa Tunic +12 520
Taiyou Tunic +16 990
Neil Tunic +22 1300
  • The Neil Tunic grants increased evasion.


Defensive equipment (2) for Add-Ons.

Epidermis Defense Price
Radius Epidermis +4 110
Ulna Epidermis +6 190
Humerus Epidermis +9 370
Tibia Epidermis +11 510
Fibula Epidermis +17 980
Femur Epidermis +21 1400
  • The Femur Epidermis prevents critical hits.


Defensive equipment (3).

Colour Defense Price
Colour of Wrath +2 90
Colour of Pain +3 140
Colour of Sadness +5 370
Colour of Hatred +10 870
Colour of Force +18 1800
Colour of Defeat +29 2000
Colour of Neglect +32 5600
The Eighth Colour +50 7500


Day Description Effects Stats Price
Monday Equipment that protects you from critical hits Prevents critical hits. 3000
Tuesday Equipment that reduces the consumption of CP Halves CP consumption. 4000
Wednesday Equipment that protects you from harmful ground Prevents terrain damage. 5000
Thursday Equipment that is beneficial to physical attacks Grants 30% resistance to the Furious and Madness conditions. +5 Attack 6000
Friday Equipment that is beneficial to competences Grants 50% resistance to the Muted condition. +7 Esprit 7000
Saturday Equipment that increases agility Increases Evasion. +15 Agility 8000
Sunday Equipment that protects from poison Prevents the Poison condition. 9000
Secret Day Equipment preventing poison, mute, and blindness Prevents the Poison, Blindness, and Muted conditions. 10000

Boxxer's Items[]

Item Stats Description
Left Glove +23 Attack The fist of vengeance
Right Glove +23 Attack The arm of justice
Starred Shorts +54 Defense With an integrated cup
Nerves of Steel +45 Defense Always triumph!
Lucky Coin +10 Espirit, +10 Agility A precious childhood memory


Orb Price Description
Taurus-orb 200 Increases a character’s max HP by 50
Libra-orb 200 Increases a character’s max CP by 15
Scorpio-orb 200 Increases a character’s max Attack by 5
Gemini-orb 200 Increases a character’s max Defense by 5
Capricorn-orb 200 Increases a character’s Esprit by 5
Virgo-orb 200 Increases a character’s Agility by 5
  • Orbs are consumed upon use.


Card Description
Leo-card Permits access to Zone 1
Cancer-card Permits access to Zone 2
Pisces-card Permits access to Zone 3
Aquarius-card Permits access to The Room
Sagittarius-card Permits access to The Room (again)
Aries-card Permits access to a secret place
  • The Aries-card can be obtained from Zacharie after giving him the Five Grands in Zone 0. It unlocks the secret ending of the game.

The Five Grands[]

Element Price Description
Grand Finale A bizarre object, associated with plastic.
Grand Diagonal A bizarre object, associated with metal.
Grand Spectral A bizarre object, associated with smoke.
Grand Brachial 5000 A bizarre object, associated with meat.
Grand Chocolatier A bizarre object, associated with sugar.
  • The Grand Brachial is the only element that can be purchased, while the Grand Chocolatier can be obtained after defeating Sugar. The others are found in the purified Zones.
  • Once all five elements are gathered, Zacharie will offer two choices for them: the Ashley Bat, the strongest weapon for the Batter, or the Aries-Card, the key to unlocking the game's hidden ending.


Item Price Description
Book 500 The cover says “Title unreadable”.
Photo of You 20 A photo of your ride on the Roller Coaster.
Photo of Zacharie 1000 A photo of your ride on the Roller Coaster.
Necktie 80 A nice, black necktie, for use in Bismark.
Access Card Permits access to Area 4 of Zone 3.
Stamped Note A poster full of stamp marks.
Music Box A small music box.
Calendar Page It’s obviously Sunday, the third of June.
  • The Book contains pictures of orchids, and is the very same book found in the library in Zone 2.
  • The Photo of Zacharie can be used to gain access to the park office near The Cruise of Happiness.
  • The Music Box plays a sped-up version of "The Race of a Thousand Ants".
    • It can be given to Zacharie in Zone 3 for a hint: "In the game folder, your browser will find the file 'Read me'. Its name is not innocent, I'd suggest an active, assiduous reading."
    • It can also be used to reveal a hidden chest in Chapter 3 of The Room.


  • There are two naming differences in the OFF English 3.0 translation files.
    • Jumpy Symbol is called "Temperamental Symbol".
    • The "Access" in Access Card is missing an s.
  • The Eighth Colour is misspelled as "Eigth" upon receiving it. Once equipped, it cannot be unequipped.