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Hugo is the son of the Batter and the Queen, though he is also known to be their creator. Hugo frequently coughs, and seems to be sickly and unwell. His age is not revealed at any point during the course of the game, although he appears to be a very young child.

Most of the known information about Hugo's life is revealed during the events of the Room. When "Father" left, Hugo remained in his room for a long while before his mother, the Queen, picked him up. During the time she was not there, Hugo made three friends -- The Tall Mister, The Big Mister, and The Bird -- from which point they decided to start the world anew, creating a zone for each of them to rule.


Hugo is similar to that of a baby, having a small, baby-like figure. He appears to have huge round eyes. When the bosses of Zone 1 and 2 are defeated, Hugo appears in the end inside the Room.

Relationship With "Parents"

The nature of both the Batter and the Queen's existence is unknown. The Batter is mentioned to lack a physical form by the Judge (although, the truth of said statement is not confirmed), yet he and presumably the Queen are still fully capable of interacting with the Elsen, the Guardians, humans, and all manner of spectres. Their relationship with Hugo is ambiguous, as he is described as simultaneously being their son and their creator.


  • Hugo is one of the four confirmed humans in the game, along with Zacharie, Enoch, and Sugar.
  • Hugo carries a large ham with him. Mortis Ghost has stated that it is because of his associations with the element of meat. Fans have often mistaken it for red clothing.
  • Hugo's name in French roughly translates to "Bright in Mind and Spirit" or "intelligence"[1]. This fact is strengthened by the fact that Hugo has 9999 units of CP (but never uses it). The meaning of Hugo's name seems to imply that Hugo is either a highly intelligent child (considering the fact that he created everything) or that Hugo is the human manifestation of the mind of a creative child.