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Enoch is the Guardian of Zone 3, as well as the Director of Vesper and the Sugar Factory.

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Enoch is an enormous, tubby, bald man with rosy cheeks. He dresses similarly to the Elsen. Mortis Ghost has stated that he is a human, despite his appearance[1].

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Enoch is an extremely cold and condescending individual, completely unaffected by the countless deaths of his own workers in his Zone. He is also rather arrogant, as he seems to love the metaphor referring to the Guardians as being comparative to "Gods". He doesn't consider any strengths that the Batter may have, showing that he truly believes that he is invincible as well as a higher power in comparison to everyone else.

Main Story Edit

The third one, Enoch, was cold yet fair. He created the a fifth Element which he distributed in his Zone, sugar. Inhabitants of his Zone quickly became dependent of this Magical substance. Although they were happy, they were disconnect [sic] from reality.

- Page in Zone 2's massive library, Bismark

Like the other Guardians, Enoch uses a crass method of controlling his Elsen. Enoch provides each Elsen with sugar in small, consistent rations. Sugar is described by one of the Elsen as "the most important element", stating that without sugar, the mental health of all Elsen would deteriorate, eventually transforming them into Burnt. However, this is not necessarily the case, as sugar is not seen in any of the other Zones, and no other Elsen outside of Zone 3 seems to display signs of the substance's effect. Sugar is observed to have addictive effects on the Elsen, as several of them display addictive tendencies within their dialogue in addition to their already existent neurotic disposition. Certain posters within Zone 3 allude to cases of the Elsen sneaking sugar with them off to their beds in an attempt to hoard it.

The production of sugar is shown to involve burning the corpses of Elsen. Enoch has stated that burning these bodies produces Spectres, which may relate to the "Burnt" enemies that are formed from Elsen. He encourages Elsen to befriend or ignore the Specters that roam around with the use of misleading posters, which makes it easy for the Spectres to kill them and increase sugar production.

In the Room, the Batter encounters an entity called The Big Mister, which appears to be a version of Enoch before the events which resulted in his becoming of a Guardian. The Big Mister is a very jolly, patient person, completely contrary to the personality of Enoch. When the Batter meets him, he finds that The Big Mister is caught in a sinkhole; The Big Mister begs The Batter to help him out and gives him the promise that he will be rewarded with cakes if he helps. Giving the orchid book to The Bird will prompt him to summon many birds, which lift The Big Mister out of the hole he is trapped in. The Big Mister is exceedingly thankful, telling the Batter he will "bake [him] those cakes," and that he will "drown [him] in an ocean of sweets". This could be a reason as to why Enoch produces sugar in his Zone.

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During the Batter's initial encounter with him, he is described by the Batter as much too powerful for him to overcome, and monologues to the player that he must flee. If the Batter's level is high enough at this point in the game, it is possible to defeat this version of Enoch, although no deviation in events occurs.

Once the Batter successfully escapes the battle, Enoch chases after him a good distance. If he catches up, the battle resumes and the Batter must escape once more. Once the Batter leaves the corridor behind him, Enoch squeezes himself through the sugar pipes to get to the Monorail before his foe can escape. There, he appears even larger than in the first encounter with him. To emphasize the frenzied Enoch's stature, the Batter and his Add-ons are displayed as abnormally tiny sprites during this battle, capable only of targeting his head. However, Enoch has very poor stamina due to spending most (or all) of his time working in his office, and the chase tires him out enough for the Batter to stand a chance against him. His attacks mostly relate to theater tropes.

Competences Edit

Name Description CP Rate
Attack 0
Trigger Element 5 100%
Double Attack
Dramatic Crescendo Lowers targeted members Competence. 5 100%
Dramatic Irony Can apply "Furious" state 5 100%
Law of Causation Can apply "Poisoned" state 5 100%
Climax Only used if Enoch has below 30% health 5 100%

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to be on bad terms with the Queen as he seems to firmly believe that the Batter was sent by the Queen to eliminate him. It's also implied that the Queen has tried more than once to get rid of Enoch as Enoch states that "Naturally, it's the Queen. It has got to be her".
  • If the Batter (and his Add-ons) is over-leveled enough, then defeating Enoch's first form is actually possible. It does not affect the actual game, as you will still need to defeat him a second time since the player was never supposed to defeat him at this point of the game.
  • The French version of the game seems to imply that as with the Judge and Zacharie, Enoch seems to be "self-aware" and know that the world of OFF is merely a game. In the English version, during Enoch's 2nd and final battle sequence, he says "your game is nearing its end, Batter", which could be interpreted as him telling the Batter that his death is close. In the French version, however, he says "Le Game Over est proche, Batteur" which more closely translates to "Game Over is near, Batter". The fact that the word "Game Over" is capitalized could be emphasizing that Enoch did indeed know that this was all a video game and that he knew the concept of a "Game Over".

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