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Zones are various areas that exist within the world of the OFF game.

Five of them exist :

As revealed during game-play, the residents of each Zone exchange goods with other Zones and express some awareness of what is happening in other ones, although news apparently takes some amount of time to go through.

Each Zone has a Guardian who administers things within it. Should the Guardian pass away, such as what happens after death in battle to The Batter and The Player, the Zone reverts to a skeleton-like blank state (referred to by The Judge as "pristine nothingness"). Whether or not that is a temporary form and a Zone without a Guardian will eventually cease to exist altogether in any form is unknown.


  • It is not exactly clear whether or not The Room should be considered as a proper Zone given that it holds both The Queen and Hugo. The former of which rules over the Guardians as a whole and the latter of which is possibly the creator of the entire OFF world (or perhaps, given the deliberate ambiguity of the game, the whole thing takes place within Hugo's mind). The Room may be considered a special case.
  • The fact that the numbering begins at '0', denoting a prototype model, may hint that the world is still 'unfinished' by its in-game creator by the time that The Batter begins his purifying crusade.
  • Collectively, all of the places that are viewed by the Batter are known as Locations. The mysterious World Map area is not itself a Zone.
  • Zone 0 is the only zone that is not purified by The Batter.

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